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HoxtonLab LTD was established in London in 2011 by Marco Morano and Erica Mainini , a multitalented duo of Producer and Creative Director. HoxtonLab is a creative and effective production boutique, aiming to reconnect humans with values in life thought meaningful stories. We do creativity, we produce films, we love good photography, we are obsessed with details and we are curios as cats. We are a small fish, finding our way up thanks to resilience and devotion to the beauty. Let’s go back to meanings.



“I had the absolute pleasure to direct a shoot in Italy alongside Erica and Marco. Their energy, attention to detail, and positive spirit pushed us through what at times felt like insurmountable obstacles. I wish I could hire them for every shoot, no matter where I am in the world.”

Michale Smith – Creative Director at Airbnb San Francisco

“I was lucky enough to work with Erica, Marco and their team on films in London and Italy. They took care of every single detail and created a production that was full of energy and positivity. There’s no challenge they aren’t ready to face and no shot they aren’t willing to get! Set feels like family when they are involved.”

Alyson Pullman – Senior Producer at Airbnb San Francisco