HoxtonLab provides high-quality production and fixing services to all sizes of media businesses.

The media and content delivery sector engages with HoxtonLab to “fill-the-gap” of services which studios often find difficult to provide. Most projects are delivered in European countries including Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Bulgaria where it is often uneconomic for a studio to set up a full and expensive production team.

Hoxtonlab’s niche is in helping British, American and international studios film in European countries and vice- versa; assisting Italian or other European film companies to work in the UK. The scope of delivery is vast and includes broadcast commercials, corporate videos, television dramas, documentaries and feature films.

In addition to HoxtonLab’s own team it works with an extended network of local professionals with trusted staff throughout the major European cities and countries.

HoxtonLab knows how to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively deal with local film commissions; speedily resolve unexpected issues arising on location; obtain local rentals without deposits; and resole local language or working practices. These issues may sound mundane in a studio’s home country, though when in an alien country they can lead to significant delays and cost overruns.

In short, HoxtonLab is a “problem solver” providing close assistance and support for its customers in all countries throughout Europe, and those international countries who have a European language base



Local teams have the right knowledge to scout the perfect location for shoots, acquire the relevant permissions, deal with any local bureaucracy, and handle all contracts and payments.


HoxtonLab has accounts with trusted suppliers for full or additional rental equipment and technical support in the major European countries, along with strong partnerships internationally.


Some cities can be a real challenge in terms of scheduling a production. HoxtonLab’s management team can assist during the pre-production phase to make ensure the production is aligned with local “habits“ and that transportation is in place for cast, crew, equipment and airport transfers as well as catering on set at the unit base and/or on the go.


Understanding the importance of working with a trusted crew, HoxtonLab has a pool of international professionals that can join a production from Directors , DOPs , gaffers , PAs, sound recordist, Drone operators, stylists, MUAs, Set Designers, technicians and runners.


The Creative Team can assist and follow the client’s “creative requirements” to ensure the chosen location is as envisaged, source any props the production might need, and offer alternate suggestions and solutions; as per “the brief”.


The BtS team is a light, non-intrusive team made of camera operators, sound recordists and photographers trained to capture the most of the “making of“.