With a fully equipped audio post production facility, Hoxtonlab provides A class pro audio mixing services.

We are highly specialised in home entertainment contents and marketing for feature films and advertising, therefore our mission is about optimising the audio mix for the new devices available on the market, including Atmos sound bars and new stereo TV systems.

Our work is mainly distributed by Netflix , Paramount, Sony Pictures, Disney, therefore our client base requires extreme attention to details as well as punctuality on set deadlines.

In a world where the technology is constantly changing, we decided to adopt Dolby Atmos to bring the cinema experience to home entertainment users.

Services :

Audio mix & mastering 

Dialogue editing 

Foleys & SFXs

Music curation & licensing 

Equipment :

Speakers : Esoteric Pro Audio + JBL cinema system 

Softwares : Avid Protools, Izotope RX8, dolby atoms renderer. 

Plugins : IZotope post production suite, Bluecat, PSP Vintage Warmer, Spanner, Doppler Air, Fab Filters, Neutron, Nectar, Insight.

Formats : Stereo, 5.1, Dolby Atmos 7.1.4,